The Savage Night

Intro to Season One

In San Francisco, the Carthians rule. Sort of.

It is one of the oldest Carthian-held cities, an early precedent that they could successfully govern while shaking up the status quo. The current Prince was elected to replace the previous one – unheard of at the time – and a constitution was put in place to limit his power. But that was over a hundred years ago, and the speed of progress has long since left San Francisco’s Carthians behind.

Tonight, Arthur Sherrill lords over the damned like any other Prince, for most of the Kindred who elected him are now lost to the passing of time, and yet still he remains in power. Many younger Carthians have a hard time finding the “freedom” they’re supposed to have – to them, there’s little difference between their current Prince and an Invictus one. The once Carthian-run Primogen, which alone has the authority to remove him, now belongs to members of the other vampire covenants who are as dependant on the Prince as he is on them. There is talk of revolt, of tearing it all down and starting over, but overthrowing one of their own would not only be a disaster for the Movement at large, it could cost them everything.


vinorules Blitzburger

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