The Savage Night

Intro to Season Three

In 2013, Hayden Walker, formerly an action film actor of minor celebrity, had been forced to stage his own death to protect the Masquerade, when an old TV series he had starred in was re-made into a major motion picture and renewed public interest in his private life. He relocated to London, where he quietly amassed a fortune while under the employ of the ubiquitous Blackford Industries.

And then Francois, his enigmatic Kindred “brother”, had been expelled from San Francisco, along with all other members of the Ordo Dracul, for violating the terms of their covenant’s probation. Still dealing with the death of his mortal son, Francois became obsessed with Dracula, and wandered Europe in the hope – his only remaining hope – of finding him.

Now, a decade after being exiled from the city, the two vampires make their return at the request of Maddox Albrecht, the former Sheriff, with a cryptic message of a potentially terrifying discovery. No details were provided. All would be explained when they get there, the message told them – and a warning that they could trust no one.


vinorules Blitzburger

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