The Savage Night

Intro to Season Two

A year has passed since the events of what is known as the “Elysium of Ashes”, where Elias Haynes, the former vampire Prince of San Francisco, and a group of militant Carthian Reformers met their Final Deaths in an ill-fated uprising against the city’s Carthian leader. The balance of power has collapsed, and now, for the first time in nearly half a century, Arthur Sherrill is left without any significant opposition to contend with.

But all is not well: Although Sherrill’s grasp on power is firm, his reputation has suffered immeasurably, and while the Carthian Movement still rules the night through their sheer numbers, they remain deeply divided amongst themselves. The Primogen, under the control of the other covenants, know that their influence depends on internal pressure on the Prince, and work behind the scenes to widen the rifts.

In this new landscape, old scores will be settled, and faces once lost in the crowd will struggle to rise to the top. Who will be left standing when the dust clears?


vinorules Blitzburger

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