Arthur Sherrill

Former banker turned crusading newspaper editor (turned Prince)


A divisive figure amongst the Carthians of present-day San Francisco, there was a time that Arthur Sherrill had enough support to get elected as Prince, although then a vampire of barely 50 years. It wasn’t cynical backroom deals that got him there, either, but genuine Carthian idealism, and it would take many years before that goodwill would wane and Sherrill would have to start trading Carthian values for practical alliances to keep things from falling apart.

In his mortal days, Sherrill was a pillar of early San Francisco society. He had been a prosperous frontier banker, who was later ruined by heavy investments into worthless ventures and turned his anger against the men he held responsible. He started his own newspaper, and used editorials to lash out against the immorality and corruption which was rampant in the city. He helped form the Vigilance Committee which policed the streets, and gained a reputation as indefatigable reformer.

Of course, none of this went unnoticed by the Carthians in the city, who worried that the excesses of their own kind would break the masquerade if left unchecked. As a vampire, Sherrill leveraged his influence to help conceal the truth, while leading the effort to reaffirm the Kindred Traditions. His embrace heralded the beginning of an era of stability and tolerance for San Francisco’s undead, lasting more a century and a half.

Arthur Sherrill

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