Eddie Wain

Forty-niner gone one-percenter


Eddie has been in San Francisco longer than anyone still around. He came seeking gold in 1849, and would have done well for himself had he not kept throwing it all away on liquor, gambling and prostitutes.

He befriended Elias Haynes, the first Prince of the city, shortly after his arrival, and was later Embraced to help enforce his sire’s claim of praxis. However, when Haynes decided to step down as Prince to travel across the Pacific, Eddie cut ties with the Carthians; unlike Maddox Albrecht, his vampire “brother”, he had no interest in Sherrill’s vision for a new San Francisco, and instead tried his hand at the illicit trade in the old Barbary Coast district. Within a few short years, however, Sherrill had shut the area down for good, and afterwards Eddie mostly kept a low profile.

All that changed with the counterculture of the 60’s, when Eddie enthusiastically adopted the freedom and camaraderie of the biker lifestyle. He, along with another Gangrel named Sam Flash, founded their own charter called the Devil’s Own, and were soon running drugs and guns out of the Mission district.

Although unaligned, Eddie is highly regarded by many younger Carthians, for whom the outlaw carries a folk hero mystique. He is both boisterous and straight-forward, generous with friends and brutal to his enemies, and believes that anything worth doing is worth doing to excess.

Eddie Wain

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