Maddox Albrecht

Former Pinkerton detective


As a Pinkerton detective, Albrecht was one of the best.

What started as a routine assignment to arrest some fugitive killer became the biggest case of his career- or would have, if anyone knew what had happened. In 1875, he had tracked a man named Dawson Callahan all the way from New York to San Francisco. Callahan, who was an unrepentant murderer and swindler, believed he had covered his trail when, upon arriving in the city, he became one of Prince Elias Haynes’ mortal agents. Instead, he had dragged mortal law enforcement right onto the Prince’s doorstep.

Callahan was killed for his mistake, but Haynes was impressed by Albrecht, and, needing the help of Kindred he could trust to strengthen his claim over the lawless city, Embraced him. Both Albrecht and Eddie Wain served as Haynes’ enforcers.

When Arthur Sherrill took over, Albrecht became his Sheriff, and had held the position until Sherrill decided Albrecht’s loyalties could no longer be relied upon, in the aftermath of his Sire’s secret return and recent attempt to overthrow him. The extent of Albrecht’s involvement has never been determined- and for his part, Albrecht has denied any knowledge- but his relationship with Sherrill had already become strained over the Prince’s desperate efforts to weaken the Carthian Reformers in recent years. Albrecht had also, suspiciously, been in Oakland at the time of Haynes’ attack, after uncovering the presence of the Belial’s Brood in San Francisco which seemed to originate there.

Since his “retirement”, Albrecht has kept a low profile. He avoids Elysium and, other than having to deal with the occasional neonate who think they can now bother him with impunity, doesn’t involve himself with other Kindred in general.

Maddox Albrecht

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