Thomas Abbington

Blue-blooded hedonist


Born to English aristocracy in the 19th century, Thomas Abbington inherited the family Estate upon reaching a certain age, and proceeded to rack up a substantial debt supporting an extravagant life in London, and it’s smorgasbord of smoky gambling parlors, brothels and opium dens. It was there he made a acquaintance of a Daeva, who thought he’d found a companion to while away the centuries with.

After his Embrace, however, Thomas soon became an embarrassment for his sire, having become even more reckless and unrestrained. Their relationship was broken once and for all when Thomas made a fool of himself at Elysium, and his sire cast him out of London.

Exiled and virtually impoverished, Thomas crossed the Atlantic, first to New York, and then after wearing out his welcome with the Prince there, he made a second voyage to San Francisco- a city of wickedness built upon hills of gold that he could finally call home. As he outgrew the youthful enthusiasms of a Neonate, he became a central figure within the Carthian Movement, and is currently the only Carthian remaining on the Primogen.

Thomas Abbington

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