Tag: Unbound


  • Eddie Wain

    Eddie has been in San Francisco longer than anyone still around. He came seeking gold in 1849, and would have done well for himself had he not kept throwing it all away on liquor, gambling and prostitutes. He befriended Elias Haynes, the first Prince …

  • Gunnar Huss

    When Gunnar speaks, it's usually through his brass-knuckled fists. Originally one of Eddie's ghouls, he was eventually promoted to sergeant-at-arms of the Devil's Own, which meant being chosen for the Embrace. He has a criminal record longer than he can …

  • Goldie

    Goldie fell hard for a vampire back in the 80's, and ran away from a loving home to be with him. The fling didn't last long (he got bored), but it left her Embraced with no guidance and unable to go back home. After a chance meeting with Sam Flash, they …

  • Sam Flash

    Co-founder and Vice-President of the Devil's Own MC, Flash is Eddie's right-hand man. He is intelligent and, when compared to his club-mates, even-tempered, but possessive, and won't hesitate to use violence when necessary.

  • Bill Heck

    Bill was Eddie Wain's ghoul for several years before being Embraced, and made a fully patched member of the Devil's Own Motorcycle Club. He is extremely confrontational.

  • Lemar Isaiah Jackson

    *_Lemar Isaiah Jackson could tell you a thing or two about growing up hard. His father: shot in the back and killed while trying to escape with a neighbour's stolen television. Lemar was only seven. His mother: struggled to keep things somewhat together …