To understand the current political climate of the city, understanding it’s history is paramount.

The Gold Rush: This period saw the first emergence of vampires in the city of San Francisco. An unbound Gangrel named Elias Haynes quickly seized Princedom of the domain, but, being prone to disappearing for weeks or months at a time, left it mostly unsupervised. Throughout the next few decades, an influx of Carthians to this “free state” was inevitable. Haynes happily joined the covenant, seeing it as analogous to his ideals. San Francisco became one of the first “Carthian States” by this virtue. Not long after, however, an increasingly restless Haynes declared it was time for him to move on, and a Carthian gathering put down a constitution to use for the election of future Princes. An upstanding member of the Carthian cause, Arthur Sherrill, was elected Prince after Haynes stepped down.

The Modern Age: In modern years the grip of the Carthians on the city had weakened somewhat. Ambitious Kindred of other factions had all come to the city to partake in it’s cultural and economic riches, leaving the need for stricter control of the populous on the shoulders of the Prince. Carthians had lost their primacy in the Primogen, instead replaced with Invictus and Ordo Dracul allies of the Prince. Chinatown was ceded as a sovereign domain to an insular Eastern covenant, who’s numbers were much higher than the local mortal populace would seem to support. The court of the Prince had battled itself into a political standoff. Not all Carthians supported their elected Prince, in fact few remained who were around over a century ago to elect him, but constitutionally only the Primogen had the authority to depose him. As the 20th century was coming to an end, a revolutionary uprising appeared to be on the horizon of the next.

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