The Primogen

Faced for decades with growing internal pressure from within the Carthian Movement, Prince Arthur Sherrill, had simply replaced most of their Primogen members with those from the other covenants as necessary to maintain his position. This, of course, left many Carthians without much of a say in the running of their own city, fueling further dissent.

With the virtual annihilation of the Carthian reformers at the Elysium of Ashes, and no longer faced with any significant opposition, Sherrill has been slowly allowing the balance of power to shift back into Carthian favor. Although his allies in the Invictus and Ordo Dracul had served to keep the reformers in check, they also manipulated the situation to their own advantage, pressing the Prince to accept concessions he had grown weary of making.

In it’s current composition, the Invictus still outnumber Carthians 3 to 2. Incredibly, it’s longest serving member is a Carthian stalwart named Thomas Abbingon, who somehow managed to keep the position even though his progeny, Keegan Whitling, had been a prominent Reformer. Sherrill had hoped to use Abbington to keep a leash on his rebellious childer, and perhaps also undermine Keegan’s credibility among his peers – neither of which worked.

Amongst the Invictus members, Adam Blackford and Veronica Myrick have formed an alliance, working together to subtly widen the divisions within the city’s Carthian Movement while redoubling their efforts to publicly show support for the Prince, and Honus Crane, whom neither trust, uses his network of spies and informants to provide Sherrill with invaluable information.

The newest member, Gladys Marshall, a Carthian who rose to prominence after the Elysium of Ashes, was appointed when Martin Kask of the Ordo Dracul was exposed for being behind the demise of countless Kindred to sustain the cursed Domotor Sasul.

The Primogen

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