Mikayla Polanco

Theatrical Producer


Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Carthian Movement
Embrace: 2022
Apparent Age: Late 20’s
Sire: Hayden Walker
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Resolve 2
Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 2
Social Attributes: Presence 3, Manipulation 3, Composure 2
Mental Skills: Computer 1, Investigation 1, Politics 1, Academics 2, Occult 1, Crafts 1
Physical Skills: Athletics 2, Brawl 1, Firearms (Pistols) 1
Social Skills: Expression (Drama) 2, Persuasion (Seduction) 3, Subterfuge 1, Empathy 3, Socialize 2
Merits: Striking Looks 1, Resources 2, Safe Place 1, Haven 1, Enticing 1, Honey Trap 1, Close Family 1, Distinguished Palate (‘Preferred Vessel’: AB (+/-) Blood Type) 1, Indomitable 2, Contacts (Film Industry) 1, Barfly 2
Willpower: 4
Humanity: 7
Mask: Child
Dirge: Nurturer
Touchstones: Mikayla’s Brother Tolek Polanco (Humanity 6)
Health: 7
Initiative: 5
Defense: 2
Speed: 9
Size: 5
Vitae: 10
Disciplines: Majesty 2, Celerity 1
Vitae/per Turn: 10/1


Mikayla Polanco, (born November 10, 1983) was an American actress. Mikayla Polanco began acting at age nine and appeared in over 50 commercials for different companies including Jell-O, Crayola, Milton G. Boardly, JPMorgan Chaser, Con Edison and United Peoples Airlines. Polanco had limited success acting on television shows such as Mindy on season one of ‘Mr. Couture: The New Class’, 3 episodes on ‘The Days We Live’ and small roles in ‘California Thoughts’ and ‘Get Scrubin’. She was a housemate in the 2003 series of San Francisco’s reality television show ‘The real Full House’, where housemates would learn to live together or become voted off. In 2005, Polanco had her screen debut in ‘Vampire Haven 3’ where she played Colleen, followed by ‘Alone with the Darkness’ (2006) and ‘An American Gathering’ (2008), all of which were commercial and critical failures.

In January 2009, Mikayla signed on to host the E! Channel’s new show ‘Hot’n’ Heaven!’ (later renamed Heaven’s Hedonists), a program that showcased high society around major city beaches and vacation spots. The show premiered in March 2010 but was cancelled in April 2010 due to poor ratings, with only 4 of the 14 episodes aired. In 2011 she also signed onto a series called ‘If I was only a Genius’ which was also cancelled after only 1episode, critics called the series “clearly the brainchild of a handicapped moron.”

In 2011, Mikayla Polanco had stated in an interview with Boundless magazine that she was going to focus more energy on growing her love for the art of theatre saying “I want to find that free spirit again, San Francisco has such vibrant artists”. The same article however drew controversy when she described her sex life behind the camera, “I have dated and have had sex with men and women, and have to say that… I connect with an aura, with energy. And if the person with whom I connect happens to be a female, that’s just the way it is. That’s what makes my wheels turn.” Her comments were widely interpreted and reported by the media as an admission that she was in a relationship with her Heaven’s Hedonists co-star Michelle Granger, though no relationship was ever officially confirmed by either actress. In an interview published on November 16, 2012 in Tabloid!, she announced that she had been “outrageously misquoted” and was “just plain upset about the media’s lack of common sense.” Mikayla Polanco currently resides in the San Francisco area…
…although tonight…
Mikayla has recently joined the ranks of the cities kindred. After spending many years as a ghoul and courtesan under Hayden Walker, she has finally been given the kiss of the Daeva. Each night thereafter Mikayla has been enormously seductive and enticing to both vampires and mortals. Her beast is constantly luring those around her as a siren would lure tragically smitten sailor victims. However Mikayla’s transformation was unusual in that it gave her extreme blood sympathy towards Hayden Walker (her now sire) and she can feel his presence at all times. The bond has caused Mikayla to feel a continuous mix of nurturing responsibility and childlike dependency towards Hayden and she consistently seeks out his companionship and protection. Whenever she reaches out to him, Hayden can communicate with Mikayla clearly over any distance (99) although because Hayden does not constantly sense her (he must focus as normal when reaching out to her) she takes this as meaning that her connection to him is a special gift. This leaves her with a constant feeling of care giving and devoted responsibility to his well being.

Mikayla Polanco

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