Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Carthian Movement
Apparent Age: Early 20’s


Born in the city of Porto, Portugal in 1888, Sabela was the oldest of Rafael and Diamantina Dos Santos’ three children. Her mother, a pretty girl of just sixteen years, and the daughter of a wealthy marine shipping family from Lisbon, met and fell for Rafael’s rakish charm during a tour of the docks, and the two eloped soon after.

Sabela was born a year later, and a son named Gaspar came the year after that.

It was not a happy family. Rafael, who resented the responsibility of supporting his new family, became an abusive drinker and philanderer, and when Diamantina and their third child died during delivery, he decided to be rid of the rest of them, too, by throwing them in a river. Gaspar drowned, but Sabela was saved by a nearby fisherman who happened upon the chilling scene. Rafael fled the authorities by enlisting with the crew of the nearest ship headed out to sea, where he would escape justice for the next thirty years.

She was placed into the custody of her Mother’s family, headed by a stern and calculating patriarch devoted to profit, and was determined to keep her from repeating his own daughter’s mistakes. As word began to spread of the extraordinarily beautiful young woman she was blossoming into, suitors came from all corners of the country, trying to win her affections – only to be turned away by her Grandfather, who, despite her objections, arranged to have her marry into another prestigious family, as a means of expanding his interests.

However, her reputation as the ‘Flower of Lisbon’ also attracted the attention of a vampire named Tiago, who befriended the newlywed couple, and then began an affair with Sabela that lasted for years until not even Tiago’s vampiric powers could keep the truth hidden. Enraged and humiliated, her husband tried to turn Sabela into a prisoner in her own home, but he could not prevent Tiago from returning to collect his prize. The vampire Embraced her, then set his hungry fledgling loose on her captor.

When the story got back to the Prince of Lisbon, a bloodhunt was called on Tiago. Sabela’s Embrace had been unsanctioned, but far more disastrously, had resulted in the death of the heir of one of the country’s foremost families – to which the Prince himself was connected. When Tiago met his Final Death, Sabela was made to watch at the Prince’s side, for although she was absolved of any blame, and permitted to take her sire’s place in Kindred society, it was under the harsh tutelage of the Prince himself.

Even as she learned how to navigate through Kindred society and harness the power of her blood, Sabela became driven by a single idea: that she now had the strength to avenge her mother, and began secretly investigating her father’s escape. Within a few months, she had discovered the name he had used on a decades-old crew manifest for the ship, and it’s destination, then managed to slip out from beneath the Prince’s thumb and vanish into the night. She would spend the next decade tracking Rafael down – across oceans, to port after God-forsaken port, until she finally caught up to him, in 1923, a repentant old sailor on leave in San Francisco – and had her revenge.

She chose to remain in San Francisco, joining the Carthians and serving as one of the Prince’s Hounds until 1986, when she was sentenced to 50 years in torpor for causing a major incident with the Celestials, by violating their sovereign authority when tracking down and destroying a fugitive Ventrue that had been hiding in Chinatown. However, recent events convinced Prince Arthur Sherrill that Maddox Albrecht could no longer be trusted as Sheriff, and, bereft of any suitable replacements, not only granted Sabela leniency, but made the controversial decision to promote her to the position.

Sabela has wasted no time in trying to make up for two and half decades of lost time, voraciously adopting modern technology, fashion and culture, while reorienting herself to the current political landscape of the city’s Kindred factions. She is something of an enigma. While she can seemingly turn any frivolous topic into stimulating conversation by virtue of her majestic grace and captivating beauty, she has trained to become an extremely proficient combatant, has an inflexible sense of right and wrong, and is prone to making rash decisions from which she then cannot be swayed – leading many to doubt her ability to resolve disputes without resorting to violence.


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