Combat Defense

When Using Defense in a scene allow the following adjustments to apply:

Base Character Defense: remains unchanged and is a character’s Defense to be equal to the lower of her Dexterity or Wits.

Melee Ranged: A character’s Base Defense plus Athletics score. This roll is vs the thrown melee weapon attack as per the nwod GMC rules.

Melee Brawl: A character’s Base Defense score plus Brawl is rolled against a brawling attack.

Melee Weaponry: A character’s Base Defense score plus weaponry is rolled against a melee attack involving a weapon. If an unarmed character is being attacked with a melee weapon, he does not get to add his weaponry skill to his defense, but instead only uses his base defense rating.

Dodge: Normal Rules for Dodge apply, still adding Athletics to Base defense and rolling double the total result.

Combat Defense

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